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Four lines box drawing facial tissue paper machine

Four lines box drawing facial tissue paper machine

Functions and features:
1. Automatic counting and whole line of output

2. Spiral knives cutting, vacuum adsorption folding

3. Stepless speed regulating of unwinding, can be adapted to body paper of high and low tension.

4.electronic and Pneumatic control, easy to operate

5. Wide production range, convenient marketing


Technical parameters:


1.production speed:                      600-100mm/min x 2

2.production unfolding size(mm):  200(length) x 130-210(width can be adjustable)
3. production folding size(mm):      100(length) x 130-210(width can be adjustable)
4. equipment power:                      2.2KW

5. vacuum air blower:                     5.5KW(380V 50HZ)
6. overall dimension (m):                4.1 x 1.3 x 2.1(LWH)
7. machine weight:                          1.8T


functions can be added on request.

1.Embossing device can be matched, the pattern is clean

2.Two color printing device can be matched, the design is bright.

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