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Napkins embossing napkin folding machine

Napkins embossing napkin folding machine

By embossing, the CJ-A model embossing napkin folding machine makes the cut bobbin paper fold square or rectangle napkins automatically. It adopts e-counting to guarantee the accuracy of the paper numbers and easy to package. The embossing roller is adopted heat attemperation device to make the embossed effect more distinct and stable. It can be equipped with the function of folding 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 according to different requires, and so can be the frequency control of motor speed (need order).



 finished size

200X200mm?400X400mm (others should appoint)

folded size

100X100mm?200X200mm (others should appoint)

body paper size


 folding speed

 500-600 piece/min

inner diameter of body paper core


 embossing bottom roll

coarse cloth roller, rubber covered roller, wool roller (please select)

counting system



according to the machine size

overall size

according to the machine size

machine weight

according to the machine size

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