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type SY - B embossing facial tissue machine

type SY - B embossing facial tissue machine

SY-B type point-to-point embossing face tissue machine is the special equipment used to make flat face tissue paper, first rolling original paper by one-row or double-row embossing rolls, then rewinding into double-layer flat paper and finally being cut into flat face tissue paper by cutting machine. It adopts stepless speed regulator to change collection speed ratio of big rolling drum diameter to equalize rolling and is equipped with clutch for function of convenient cutting and number of layers calculation electronically.


This machine’s characteristic is that it will get soft, comfortable and light product after original paper being point-to-point embossing rolled.  

 Machine name

SY-B embossing face tissue machine



 Original paper specification

Max width 1700mm×1100mm

 Finish product dimension

 230mm×180mm adjustable

Processing capacity

2.0 t/d



Machine dimension

 6000×2900×2600  mm

machine weight


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