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regenerated leather crusher

regenerated leather crusher

1. introduction


Leather crusher, also known as kraft crusher, is new machinery used to make gelatin and bonded leather. This machine can process the scraps from the leather product into powder, which is widely used to produce a variety of leather products, or part of the genuine leather material. With less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, economic, easy maintenance, etc.


2. performance feature:


This crusher is with fine made and high processing technique, double layer body, which is injected into water to play water-cooling effect, also loaded into a new material to play a sound insulation, and heat dissipation function. So there is no noisy and vibration during the production process, the feed inlet is adopted self-priming type feeding so as to guarantee eternal safety in production, overcoming the shortcoming of the traditional crusher, which use direct feeding and accidentally put into the piece of metal cause serious damage to the crusher



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