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regenerated leather making machine

regenerated leather making machine

1.product introduction
The raw material is all kinds of leather scraps, buffing machine leather ash, and fiber waste, which will be crushed by a special equipment, added the glue mixing, made ??into pulp, and then form a sheet by flotation fourdrinier technology, the thickness is 0.6-5mm(which can be adjusted). Then dehydrate, pressing, drying, hot light, flattened, fixed-length cutting or rolls packaged process by this production line completed at one time, which will improve the product production significantly. This product can be widely used for belts, bags, clothing, sofas, shoes and other leather products.

Technical parameters:
Variety: regenerated leather

paper net width:1000—3600mm;

working speed:30—180m/min;
dynamic balance speed:300m/min;

The gauge:1300—5000mm;


Drive:AC frequency, step by step 

Machine design: heavy square box type, left or right hand machine  

Design standard: national standard export equipment



leather forming




4. Finish product

















5.  main features:


Regenerated leather has characteristics of both genuine leather and PU, which is very common leather fabric used nowadays. Regeneration leather is moisture absorption and air permeability, which is the same with genuine leather. Fine product even can be softness, flexibility, light weight, the extreme high and low temperature tolerance and wear-resistant. The inadequacy is less intensity than the genuine leather in the same thickness, of course, worse than the PU, unfits to make high intensity leather products like shoes face. Due to its more flexible process, real-time adjustments, so it can also make a variety of different hardness, strength products by increasing the amount of natural latex, improving process prescription to compensate the inadequacy. The later stage of the surface treatment is similar with PU, the surface texture and color of the regenerated leather is also refurbished quickly and new products emerging fast. The most important thing is the highly competitive price, which is only one tenth of the genuine leather, three times of PU, high quality and reasonable price.




3. The main machine structure:


(1).  Head box section: It adopts open-type pulp-flowing box, consisting of pyramid tube, staircase diffuser, distributing roller and box body. Staircase diffusion orifice plate pulp distributor is three-stage diffusion, which made of organic glass and upper and lower lip plates made of stainless steel. The upper can do full and local adjustment.


(2).Fourdrinier part: Consist of wire part, press part and drying part. Wire table is 20000mm. Except draw-out seat made of alumina alloy, table rack is all welded by section steel with 1.5mm stainless steel cladding. Wire part is mainly composed of chest roller, forming board, wire-driving plate, water scrapping board, moisture absorbing box, and vacuum water-absorbing box, vacuum roller, wire-driving roller, electrical wire-tighter, pneumatic corrector, constant-tension wire-tighter, incision needle and margin raising device.


(3).Press part: It adopts vacuum absorption injection paper, one streak of vacuum pressing and three streaks of pressing. The making force out of press part is ≥40%


(4). drying part: 30 dryers of Φ1500mm, the arrange form is 6+6+6+6+6, including one sweat dryer and five dry carpet drive.


(5).  Reeling part: use level reeling machine


 (6). Driving and control part: AC frequency sectional drive entire digital closed circle control system ABB.




2.process flow



1. First mix together with dermal fibers, cross-linked fibers, resin and other additives


2. Crush the genuine leather or regenerated leather raw material into certain size hide fiber, then mix with natural rubber, resin and other materials, after that, compress into filter cake, then heat the cake to melt the surface fiber and be with stickiness. Then will get the finish product by pressing each layer, bonding, dewatering, forming, drying, cutting, embossing and surface treatment processing.

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