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2400mm high speed toilet paper machine

2400mm high speed toilet paper machine


1. Energy conservation
2. Running quickly and smoothly
3. Operate conveniently
4. Excellent sales service

A. The main technical parameters:

1. Production varieties: corrugated paper, toilet paper, cultural paper wrapping paper, ect.

2. paper grammage: 40—120g/m2

3. Paper net width:2400mm

4. Design speed: 80m/min

5. Working speed: 150—400m/min

6. Rail distanc:3400mm 

7. Output: 50t/d

8. Kind of drive: AC frequency, sectional drive

9. Arrange form: left and right hand machine (users provide)


B. The main equipment structure:

1. Back rolls: Φ380 × 2100mm of one set, including bearings, bearing pedestal, stand column, bolt, and the thickness is 15mm, hardness is 95 ° ± 2 ° with bearings 312.


2. Cylinder section: Φ1250mm×1950mm stainless steel cylinder mould 2 sets, including frame, bearing shells, bearing pedestal, bearing 3615, Φ380 × 2000 couch roll 2 sets, the rubber hardness is 38 ° ± 2 °, thickness is 25mm, with bearings 312.


3. Water squeezing section: smooth rollΦ270 × 2100 one set and bottom rubber rollerΦ270 × 2100mm one set, equipped with bearings 113513, with two groups of lever pressure device.


4. Touch roll section: Φ450 × 2000 one touch roll, rubber hardness is 95 ° ± 2 °, and the thickness is 23mm, the crown is 0.6mm, with a good supporting arm, two groups ofΦ320 three pneumatic tire pressure device, with bearing 113622 and one set of air control box.

5. Main press section: natural granite stone rollΦ500 × 2000mm one set, equipped with a scraper, and aΦ450 × 2000 rubber roller, the rubber hardness is 90 ° ± 2 °, thickness is 23mm, the crown is 0.5mm,  with bearing 113622/113622 , and a good press arm, Φ250 two groups of cylinder pressure device, and one set of air control box.


6. Gloss section: Φ400 × 2000 a calendar rubber roller, rubber hardness is 95 ° ± 2 °, thickness is 20mm, equipped with 113620 bearing and support, arm, spanner positive and negative pressure device two groups.


7. dryer section: two Φ 2500 × 2000 dryers, with internal and external machining, surface roughness ≤ 0.4, cylinder surface hardness HB ≥ 200, equipped with 3,113,156 bearing, bearing pedestal, M12 × 170 big gears and a heavy scraper in the first cylinder, a scraper in the second cylinder, with a double-cylinder steam cover for the first cylinder, one set ofΦ700 axial fan and a motor.


8. Both of the two cylinders are the box-type rack frame, the first cylinder is trislot base plate, the other one is single groove base plate, completed with distance tubes, foot screws, connecting bolts, and sizing blocks.


9. Φ157 guide roll, and expander roll. The Guide roller is covered with glass fiber reinforced plastics, equipped with 208/209 bearings. 205 bearing is equipped with lead roller, completed according to the drawing numbers.


10. Three sets of manual corrector, three sets of gear boxes blanket tight. One set of felt whipper, equipped with one Y90L-6-1.5KW motor.


11. One set of Φ350/Φ250/Φ400 three–roller calendar.


12. One set of Φ 900 × 1800 cylinder reeling machine, equipped with bearings 113528 and three Φ157 paper winding rolls.


13. Drive section: five turning points, completed with reducers, small gears, couplings, drive rails and bolts. The dryer is equipped with two sets of JZQ-500 reducer, the main press is equipped with JZQ-500 reducer, and the calender is equipped with JZQ-400 reducer, the reeling machine is equipped with JZQ-350 reducer.


14. Three vacuum boxes, which are made of hot-rolled steel plate welding, with high polymer panels, are equipped with a 15-type vacuum pump and an Y160L-4-15KW motor.


15. Electrical department of the main machine: one set of frequency converter, the main press is equipped with Y180L-4-22KW motor, the dryer is equipped with two sets of Y180M-4-18.5KW motors, the calendar machine is equipped with one Y160L-4-15KW motor, and the reeling machine is equipped with one Y132S-4-5.5KW motor.


16. One set of 1575 model reeling machine, which is equipped with one YCT225-4A-11KW motor. 

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