This site is devoted to celebrating the Divine Feminine in all Her many manifestations. The Divine Feminine has been known by many names: Artemis, Aphrodite, Brigit, Kali, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Kuan Yin, Demeter, Hecate, Tara, and numerous others. Gathering information about the Sacred Feminine from ancient legends, myths and art enables us to learn about Her strengths and characteristics in order to integrate them into our lives and become more empowered as women.

Thousands of years ago a peaceful agrarian civilization existed in which the Great Mother Goddess was worshipped. With the rise of patriarchy the power and prestige of the Mother Goddess gradually diminished and was replaced by God, the Father. Today many believe that the winds of change are blowing, a new era is emerging and the Divine Feminine is returning. Her voice is re-emerging in human consciousness reminding us of the sacredness and unity of life.

Celebrate divine feminine Temple
"Herstory" and mythology from diverse cultures around the globe speak of many compassionate, powerful and sensual female images that are representations of the Sacred Feminine. Her message is one of peace, compassion, and respect for all life.

You are invited to enter into the Temple of Feminine Wisdom to learn about Her in all Her many manifestations. I invite you to imagine that you are standing high on a mountaintop before a temple dedicated to the Sacred Feminine. The clouds are billowing around you nearly concealing the late afternoon moonrise. Her temple is built of white marble and open to the elements and the earth - the essence of the Great Mother. Please enter to explore and learn the ways and mysteries of the Divine Feminine.